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Welcome to my new homepage Since I started playing around with all this fancy SmartHome stuff, I tried to keep track of the devices, hardware and software that I use or that is out there and that I might use in the future.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to transform this collection of notes, hyperlinks, and documents into an online database to share it with the world (aka other techy enthusiasts). will bring you:

  • a list of SmartHome devices
  • a database of hardware and software
  • (technical) specifications
  • links to manufacturers
  • all sorts of documents (like manuals)
  • links to the best and cheapest online stores

I’m trying my best to transform the “offline” stuff into online content but I’m doing it in my free time and it might take a day or two…

Please let me know if you are missing anything or if something should be done different / better – or just drop a line if you like the website!